Why is it called the Jordan Center?

The Jordan Center derives its name from Joshua 4:2 when the Israelites left the desert and finally made it into the promised land. The land that was promised to them after they left the slavery and bondage of the Egyptians. The Israelites found themselves in bondage after rebelling from God and He gave them over to live a life of slavery. However, the story didn’t end there. The Lord delivered them and saved them from their slavery after they cried out to Him. This story is still going on today in the hearts and minds of men who have lived a life of habitual sin and as we are told in Romans 1 they are given over to their sin and become a enslaved. The Jordan Center is a place for men to cross over the Jordan and enter the land of promise and be all that God has called them to be, namely Free Men!

What is the Jordan Center?

The Jordan Center is a facility in Costa Mesa, CA that provides a place to live and grow for up to 100 men at a time. The program is for two groups. The first is for those who want to begin a life of freedom and need a Christ-centered place to live and grow in both their relationship with Christ and with other brothers that will walk this life with them. The other group is for men that want to commit to a yearlong stay that will include extensive study, discipleship, physical training and job placement. Our goal is to have every man transformed during their time here and be equipped to minister to those in need.

How does the Jordan Center work?

Once you have submitted an online application we will review it and respond within 48 hours. Upon acceptance into the center you will be assigned to a room that you will be sharing with another man who will be your prayer partner throughout your stay at the center, along with being assigned to the house manager. Each room will have a room manager in a unit of five men and the room manager will be reporting up to a floor manager who reports to the Director of the Center. The Jordan Center will have two floors in which each floor has a Floor manager. This Floor Manager oversees all the activities that happen on his floor and is responsible for all the men housed on his assigned floor. Once a person is assigned to their room, they will get a welcome package that will consist of all the information they will need during their stay. Most importantly they will receive their login information to the online bible study that will be required during the first 60 days of their stay at the Jordan Center.

A typical day will consist of a morning devotional with your house leader and the other residents within your unit. Everyone must clear out of their units after 9am and cannot return until 5pm unless they have a written notice in their file from the Floor Manager. Every man is required to either be working or looking for work and is accountable to their house leader in regards to that. The Jordan Center will have available resources for job placement to help everyone in their pursuit of finding a job.

Each night the men will have a choice of going to visit a church service in which the Center will provide transportation or they can attend the nightly meeting at the center. Each man will be required to attend a meeting at the facility at least once a week. Wednesday of each week there will be a midweek Bible study that will be required for all men to attend in the Sanctuary. The men will also be able to participate in other studies and presentations that will be going on throughout the week that will not be required, but will be encouraged to attend.

“I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly” John 10:10

The Problem, and Our Solution

Getting to the source of the problem is at the heart of what we do at The Jordan Center. We believe that man was created to have a relationship with God and sin has damaged it. At the Jordan Center, we look at the problem in a very different way than most recovery centers. We believe that the Bible teaches that the problem is sin. And therefore, we can get all knowledge and wisdom and counsel from the Bible. Nowhere in the Bible does the word addiction show up in the pages, however, the term that is used is “Habitual Sin” and is what we address. This is what the Bible teaches about Habitual Sin and where the problem begins.

The Solution

The good news is, the solution is very easy! The Bible teaches us that we need to confess our sins and this will be the beginning of the hope restored. 1 John 1:9


This is where transformation happens! The Jordan Center has a yearlong program of training and equipping men to walk in freedom from the bondage of sin and more importantly, reach others in need!


Following the lead of Christ is our secret of overcoming habitual sin forever, and that is through giving our lives to others! He came to serve not to be served and gave his life as a ransom. Mark 10:45

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