40 Day Journey – Self Guided



Our 40 Day Program is the culmination of 4,000 years of time tested solutions or as we call them “prescriptions” that God has given us for our lives. Our approach is different from other recovery approaches. We take a different route to a transformed life; we follow the Bible without big words or psychological theory, just the oldest manual around for living free from your bad habits, persistent bad choices, and deep rooted issues.

When we renew our minds with the love and warmth of God and seek out teachings not from man, but from God, we are then capable of overcoming bondage using the prescriptions God’s word gives us.

Many times when we are caught up in our sin, we ignorantly forget what a happy and healthy life looks like, and the benefits that accompany that lifestyle. Maybe you’ve never seen what that life could like, or ever considered your life could be free from the challenges you face daily. Rest assured we are committed to showing you how you can find this full and vibrant life we’re talking about….

If you’re tired of facing your addiction alone or feeling hopeless in your pursuit of a life free from sin, we want to challenge you to 40 days of our FUEL Study to help give you the freedom you’ve always wanted.